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We love it when people are happy with their smiles. From the youngest child to the oldest man or woman, we employ the most innovative technology to offer the highest level of dental care and treatment in Kenya.  

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Karen Dental Clinic is built upon a client-centric approach. Everything you need to keep your teeth looking great is here, in our clinic. Our equipment eases diagnostics and dental surgery as well as other periodontal services you and your family may need. Braces, Dental Fillings, Teeth Cleaning, Dental x-rays, Root Canals and all the services offered at Karen Dental Clinic are offered with a smile and delicate masterful care from our qualified staff.

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What Sets Karen Dental Clinic Apart?

We have years of practice offering high-quality dental services in Kenya. Over the years, we have developed close bonds with our clients and suppliers and continue to do so now and for years to come. We continuously improve our quality of care by equipping our clinics with the latest dental technology and brushing up on our methodology in order to serve our clients better.

Staff Dedicated to Your Smile


Our dentist, dental assistants, radiology technicians hold the highest levels of dental qualifications and have years of experience below their belts. 

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We understand that dental emergencies can occur at any time of day or night. This is why we are dedicated to offering world -class dental care 24/7, right here in Nairobi.

Quality and comfort you can trust


For your comfort and efficacy of care, we have fitted our two clinics with the latest dental technology and the most comfortable lounge area for you to wait or recuperate in.

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Dental implants are little titanium screws placed in the jawbone and used to hold false teeth in the case that the root of the tooth is absent. They have been used for many years in dentistry and are considered a safe mode of treatment. Installation of dental implants is a minor procedure done under local anesthetic unless under special conditions.

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A crown, or a cap, is used in the restoration of parts of teeth damaged by breakage, decay or to protect a root filling and even to hold dentures in place. They are usually made of porcelain (Porcelain bonded and porcelain crowns), ceramics or gold. All-ceramic crowns are metal-free varieties of crowns available while gold alloy crowns come in silver and gold colors. The rest come in white.

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Dental bridges are often used to replace one or more missing teeth. How this works is that a crown is placed on the teeth on either side of the gap with a false tooth attached to them in order to fill the gap. Dental bridges are permanent and cannot be removed as they are cemented into place.

These are often used when drilling is not a preferred option due to weakened jawbones or preference of the patient.

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