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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are little titanium screws placed in the jawbone and used to hold false teeth in the case that the root of the tooth is absent. They have been used for many years in dentistry and are considered a safe mode of treatment. Installation of dental implants is a minor procedure done under local anaesthetic unless under special conditions.


Caring for dental implants:

It is easy to care for your dental implants to ensure they last as long as they are intended to. Regular maintenance check-ups and maintaining a rigorous oral hygiene routine are an important part of dental implant care.

It is not uncommon for implants to develop plaque just like on natural teeth. If the plaque is not treated on time, they could cause bleeding gums, gum infection, pain and soreness. All this could be avoided with proper dental care. Daily flossing, brushing after every meal, could go a long way in helping keep them in good condition.

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