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What are dental veneers?

These are thin layers of porcelain, much like a false nail on a finger, that sits over the tooth surface to make a chipped tooth look whole, to fit small gaps between the teeth where braces are not an option. They usually match the tooth’s colour thus making them look naturally healthy.


How are dental veneers installed?

Installation of dental veneers is a simple procedure where a local anaesthetic is sometimes used to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Most times, there is very little preparation needed though sometimes a part of the enamel being repaired can be removed. The dental veneer used to replace this will be as thin or thick as the piece removed in order to retain the shape of the tooth.

It takes about two dentist visits for veneers to be installed. The dentist will guide you on how long the veneer will last and the proper care of the veneers as they chip or break just as a natural tooth does.

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