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What are dentures?

Dentures are acrylic or metallic moulds used to replace missing teeth in order to restore a perfect smile and prevent the remaining teeth from growing into the space the missing teeth left. There are two types of dentures in common usage: partial dentures and full/complete dentures. Full dentures replace all the teeth in the mouth and fit snugly over the gums while partial dentures fill spaces left my missing individual or multiple teeth and are supported by the existing teeth. There are also immediate dentures that are fitted right after the dentist takes out a tooth. These dentures do not need to wait for your gums to heal though they could be realigned within six months if the gum changes shape after healing.


Benefits of dentures:

Allows one to speak more comfortably
Makes eating easier for people with missing teeth
Are easy to maintain
Prevent added gum damage
Prevent tooth malformation
Guarantees a beautiful smile and an even bite
Prevents sagging of the facial features


Denture Aftercare:

With a little practice, eating can be an effortless affair after dentures have been installed. It is therefore important to start with tiny pieces of food and chew slowly using both sides of the mouth in order to prevent the dentures from moving. You can gradually get back to your normal diet when they start to feel comfortable. Talking could also require some practice. It is advisable to start reading aloud regularly for you to get comfortable speaking and pronouncing words.

Sometimes, the dentist would advise that the dentures stay on for the first few weeks even when you go to bed. Thereafter, you are required to keep your dentures in a little water to stop them from warping.

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