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What is Orthodontics?

The arm of dentistry that deals with diagnosing, preventing and correcting facial and dental deformities like malocclusion (bad bite) which usually occurs when the teeth are crowded or crooked and when the upper and lower jaw fail to meet properly thus causing an irregular bite.


How are orthodontic irregularities treated?

An uneven bite could make it difficult to maintain dental hygiene as it makes some teeth difficult to clean thus increasing the chances of tooth decay and loss as well as gum disease. It also causes situations where the patient continuously bites their tongue or inner parts of the mouth causing sores and injuries to develop.

Good news is that this can be repaired using braces. Braces come in two forms: The permanent braces and the temporary ones that can be removed when eating and cleaning the teeth.


Who can get braces?

While braces are mostly used on children while their teeth are still growing and their jaws developing, braces have become increasingly common in adult dental care. 

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It is important to let a qualified dentist assess your teeth to determine which type of braces you need and what needs to be straightened. Braces also require regular maintenance check-ups to ensure that they are working perfectly and to tighten permanent ones. Book an appointment today for brace installation and maintenance.

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