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Why is teeth cleaning important?

Teeth cleaning and polishing is a preventative dental procedure that prevents gum disease. It can also be used for the treatment of plaque, the silky coating that constantly forms on teeth as well as tartar removal. This is mostly done professionally when the plaque build-up is threatening to cause gum disease.

We however encourage and give advice on how to properly care for your teeth without the need of professional teeth cleaning services. These teeth hygiene routine pillars are explained to you and shown to you during or after your teeth cleaning appointment.


What is gum disease and why should it be prevented?

Gum disease or gingivitis occurs when there is inflammation of the gum that causes sore gums, swelling or infection of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. This could also present as bad breath, bleeding gums when brushing or gum redness. Gingivitis is common in people who smoke but can also occur in non-smokers where dental hygiene is wanting or due to other ailments or medical conditions.

The overall care of your teeth is in your hands and with our dentists’ guidance; you can have an enviable smile for a long time.

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