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When teeth become too weak or rotten to be repaired, they are likely to be pulled out. This is usually done under local anaesthesia at the clinic.

It is advised that a few guidelines are followed whenever teeth are extracted.

These are:

Rest and keep your head up to avoid bleeding
Avoid exercise for the day
Avoid hot food or drinks till the anaesthetic wears off as you can burn your mouth due to loss of sensation caused by anaesthesia.
When sleeping, ensure that your head is raised and place a towel on the pillow in case you begin to bleed
Avoid alcohol as it can cause bleeding
Avoid rinsing the extraction site as the socket needs time to heal
Continue to brush your teeth as usual, avoiding the extraction site
If bleeding occurs, do not rinse. Only apply pressure with a clean cotton material like a handkerchief for at least 15 minutes.
Avoid smoking
If bleeding or pain persists for more than a few days after, check in with the dentist for a follow up.
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